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Executive Summary of Change Management

The change management is the method used to make the individuals, groups and organizations eligible to adopt the change. It guides them to meet the future challenges. It empowers the employee to be able to sustain in new changed environment.

Tips and Guidelines for Executive Summary of Change Management:

The following facts are important while creating the executive summary of change management.

Create Urgency:

Create urgency around the organization, which would help you to get the organization towards some change. Talk about the sales either it is poor or good, talk freely to get the employee’s response to know about the market changing if some change has been taken place. Identify the threats and predict that what could happen in the future. Think about the opportunity that can be availed or exploited. Make a scenario where people can think and discuss the matter. Strengthen your arguments from the support of the customers, stakeholders and the outsourced industry people.

Leadership Help:

Convince the people that the change is most important here, for that you must need some leaders to help you. The leadership help can be very vital because they are the key person who motivates the general public by some emotional dialogues. Keep on building the team work for the coming rapid change. Check your team for weak areas; you must mix up your potential employees with some weak employees.


While thinking about change so many good or bad ideas would come across you, keep all them in some sequence to make vision. Make a clear vision; this would help everyone to understand it easily. Calculate the values which are about to be changed, make a summary of the points you think can be the future of your organization. Make an effective strategy for your vision.


Once you have made the vision now it’s the time to communicate it to the organization. Start conveying your vision to the leaders and employees of the organization.

Implications to Change:

Applying the change to the organization could cause some implications and this would create problems for the people to adopt the change. If the implications or barriers are removed then it would be easy for the people to adopt change. Take quick actions to remove them.

Short term Goals:

Define the short term goals to appreciate the people. The completion of short term goals would motivate you to get long term goals. The criticism and negative thinking might affect the progress. Keep on thinking after the completion of every short term goal.

Implementing the Change:

Now it’s the time to implement the change in the organization. Implement them in such a way that they become the integral part of your organization. The values behind your vision must be implemented. Make the great effort to ensure that the change is being experienced very well by the organization. It is important for the leaders to continue the support to change. If you lose the support you might lack the adoption of change.

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